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57% Increase in Spend in Just 3 Months While Increasing ROAS

The Brand

We partnered with a high-growth beauty brand focusing in nails care and associated products. Having worked previously with an agency, they were ready to take their paid media to the next level and scale out moving into the next year and beyond.

The Ask

Scale spend while maintaining a 2.5+ ROAS on front-end acquisition costs with a goal to increase by 100% in 12 months.

The Process

By building upon the working processes and structures laid out by the previous team, we focused on two main aspects: proper utilization of first-party (1P) data to train our search engines on who to reach, and deeper creative testing and optimization of their current creative pool to get more out of existing creative bundles.

Through tiering out products by associated AOV with similarly-priced 1P buyer groups, we were able to model success at scale across all facets of Google. With a multi-tiered structure, we were able to ensure better creative utilization across different audiences.

Using existing creative to its maximum potential, we tested and placed creative across various stages of the user journey to find what creative types resonated best with the respective stages.

The Result

In the first three months we were able to scale spend up over 57% while hitting a 3+ ROAS on our acquisition costs and increasing our first-time buyer rate. There's a clear path to exceeding previously defined goals by healthy margins which opens up opportunity on other acquisition channels.

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