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Dropping Lead Cost by Nearly 90% While Scaling for a Real Estate SaaS

The Brand

A high-growth real estate lead generation and management software company was looking to grow their sales opportunities by growing and maintaining a qualified lead pipeline. With a high close rate and excellent client retention, the #1 way to scale was to increase lead quantity.

The Ask

Create a scalable system to bring MQLs to the sales team in a way that would enable scale reliably month-over-month.

The Process

After a deep-dive into industry standards, competitors, and previous acquisition strategies, the team began development of evergreen front-end offers that provided different areas on entry into the SaaS's ecosystem.

With different value packets presented to prospects up front, analysis on lead quality from source was established to identify the most scalable front-end offers.

At the same time, retention was measured against previous clients to ascertain new LTV for different lead sources and ensure financial targets were hit.

The Results

After two months of offer and creative iteration, lead cost was down nearly 90% from $45 down to $5 with an increase in contact rate and similar MQL-close conversion rate. Spend levels on front-end were increased several hundred percent over this time and new upsells were introduced into the user journey.

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