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Full Data Visualization & Over 5x Cross-channel Spending

The Brand

A regional in-home care specialist company came to us after attempts to create a qualified lead pipeline (MQL pipeline). With a new CRM in place, they needed centralized data reporting in order to gain insights into acquisition channels and note KPIs in real time.

The Ask

Create a pipeline rooted in paid search with channel utilization across paid social and programmatic to support a steady lead engine.

At the same time, integrate analytics from all channels as well as offline sales data into a centralized visualization dashboard to ascertain campaign performance with a single click.

The Process

The team focused on the project in three stages. The first was to pull previous search data and industry knowledge into a centralized bank to create the effective engagement strategies and speak to the appropriate end user for each of the business's service lines.

The next step was to aggregate data from all ad platforms into a centralized warehouse to display into a dashboard that would show the correct breakdown from our server-side tagging to view campaign performance and offer full-funnel insight.

After beginning to run paid search and seeing initial lead results come in, we iterated on data coming in to direct our programmatic deployment and lead generation activities across paid social to create a progressively productive feedback loop.

The Result

The defined approach led to a 5x increase in spend while lead costs fell over the first 45 days and MQL-deal conversion rate increased from previous campaigns. Campaigns had a designated position in the user journey as well as delineated geographic significance by market returns, isolated down to the county level.

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