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Over 400% Increase in Ad Spend in Just Six Months Led by Video

The Brand

With a background in television and a penchant for all things culinary, a strong DTC e-commerce brand wanted to scale beyond their agency growth thus far. With a series of hero products and creative to back them up, the stage was set for a high-growth partnership.

The Ask

Combining stratified unit economics with a clear growth curve, the team was asked to provide as much growth profitably as possible to hit audacious Q4 goals and launch even more aggressively into Q1.

The Process

With a strong foundation of creative and defined CPA targets for winning products, we quickly began implementing strong creative testing at the top of funnel driven by root audiences of high-quality 1P data groups that were previously under-utilized.

Winning creative from our TOF efforts were translated to our full-funnel approach and further deployed into top drivers across Google to further increase sales volume. Strong bottom-of-funnel brand- and product-specific search led to a strong combined ROAS to drive profitability for TOF initiatives.

The Results

By end of Q4, monthly spend had gone up over 400% in just two quarters while increasing ROAS from 2.10 to 2.30 on a last-click attribution model. Furthermore, first-time buyer rate increased from 65% to over 85%.

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