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Unlocking New Ad Growth with Existing Customer Data

Industry: Wellness & Supplements

The Brand

A prominent health and supplement brand was looking to grow their revenue across paid search and social. With a large online presence and following, the brand was poised to unlock new growth and maximize ROI from paid areas.

With a large existing customer list, there was great opportunity for identifying new customer trends to unlock growth potential on paid avenues. Creating optimal buyer personas that could be used to train ad platforms with was imperative.

The Ask

In the highly-dynamic world of digital media, the task was to expand on previous growth initiatives across new campaign formats and utilize existing assets to further ROI.

In a highly data-driven environment, discovering new ways to utilize existing data to increase performance and scale is critical.

The Process

Without being able to iterate on new creative, the task was to create new opportunity with existing assets.

We segmented existing customers into differentiated first-party lists to create scalable acquisition profiles from on paid media. Utilizing these new audiences with existing creative sets, we saw new growth and faster first-time buyer growth than previously with campaigns averaging a 3x return at a multi-six-figure monthly spend.

Looking back at a two-year period, we identified the audience groups that had LTVs as high as ten times or more as the average order value. Naturally, the goal was to increase acquisition of differently valued customer profiles at appropriate bids.

By understanding the value of a given persona, we were able to create bid strategies to fit each one.

The Result

A decrease in CPA of 14% across the board while increasing spend by over 100% on key campaigns during the first 30 days of implementation. This allowed us to lay a framework from which to integrate more media assets and scale the brand across platforms.

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